2021 African Cup Of Nations At Risk Of Being Postponed Until 2022

The African Cup of Nations is scheduled to take place between 9th January and 6th February 2021, but this edition is at risk of being postponed because of the health crisis.

The African Cup of Nations is one of the 2021 competitions which has doubts over whether or not it can be played due to the uncertainty provoked by the evolution of the coronavirus.

According to reports from ‘Al-Watan’ and ‘A Bola’, the organisers of the African Cup of Nations are analysing the options of delaying the 2021 edition to the same date in 2022.

This is because the qualification can’t be done correctly and the complications of the global calendar will do the rest.

It still isn’t official, but the decision to leave the African Cup of Nations until 2022 is expected in the coming weeks.

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