Alan Carr “Drinks A Lot Of Gin” On Holiday To Stop Mosquito Bites

The 44-year-old comedian was once told that a gin and tonic raises your quinine levels, which is meant to warn off the bloodsucking bugs.

Appearing on his ‘Life’s A Beach’ podcast, he said: “I drink a lot of gin because it’s meant to be the quinine, it’s meant to keep them away.

“But that’s bulls*** because I drink so much gin and they still bite me.”

Alan turned to the booze-based solution to fix his mosquito issue after sprays and creams failed to deter the pests.

He added: “They bite you, they’re horrible, they absolutely love me.

“I remember my one leg was poking out the mosquito bet, and it looked like a roll of bubble wrap.

“I’m like the Elephant Man, they love me. And it’s always around the ankle or a bone.”

Alan previously revealed he’d stopped drinking in 2018 in support of his teetotal husband Paul Drayton, and the former ‘Chatty Man’ host now only has a glass of wine on special occasions.

He said: “I like eating and drinking, but it was ridiculous before – we were cracking open a bottle of rose because it was a Monday.

“We were out of control. It was a laugh, but looking at Paul, sometimes the party has to stop.

“I enjoy a drink and I have it on special occasions now, it’s a real treat for me.”

Although the coronavirus lockdown has tempted Paul to start drinking again, Alan is proud of his husband for staying sober.

He continued: “It’s been tough for Paul during lockdown.

“He’s been saying, ‘Oh, shall we get a bottle?’ and I say, ‘No, we’re not getting any rose wine in.’ He’s been so good and I’m so proud of him.”

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