Anne Robinson Doesn’t Think She Would “Get Away” With Her Scathing Insults On TV Today

The 76-year-old presenter was famous for the insults she dished out to contestants on ‘The Weakest Link’ but Anne believes that mental health campaigners would put a stop to that in the present day.


She told The Daily Mail newspaper: “I would never get away with all that now. Times have changed so much that I don’t think we could even make The Weakest Link today.

“I don’t think half the things I said then I could say now. Like: ‘Are you really that stupid?’ Or: ‘Why are you so fat?’ That would be off-limits. Everyone would be too worried about the poor contestants’ mental health. Everyone would be too worried about sending them home with issues.”

Anne has turned down a number of reality TV shows, including ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘I’m A Celebrity’ but is excited about returning to screens on ‘Countdown’.

She said: “Shows like that are for people who haven’t got anything else on; who want to bolster their popularity. I don’t need that.

“I was really intrigued. [‘Countdown’ has been on for 40 years and it is more cerebral than any other game show. Doing ‘Countdown’ just tickled my fancy. I think it’s a great fit, actually.”