Ansu Fati, La Masia’s Pump Has A Timer And Offers

His appearance was an explosion on the world soccer scene, but the lack of confidence of the technicians and the coronavirus epidemic have deactivated him. Borussia Dortmund appears to offer you minutes.

“This boy is a bomb!” So they say that Ernesto Valverde received Ansu Fati in the first training he did with the first team this summer.

The Extremadura coach was quickly captivated by the impudence and playing talent of a boy who had not yet turned 17 and who dazzled by his changes in rhythms and overflow capacity in one on one, as well as an innate instinct for goal

From the first moment, Valverde saw Ansu as a viable alternative to the attacking monopoly that the trident formed by Leo Messi, Luis Suárez and Antoine Griezmann would exercise. And even more so when, first the Argentine and then the Uruguayan, fell into the nets from injuries at the first exchange.

However, their progress has been slowed and now from Barcelona they are in the position of seeing how their career does not stop and the young youth squad has minutes .

At the moment, according to Sport, there is a team willing to give it to them: Borussia Dortmund. The Germans, specialists in firing up young attackers , the case of Haaland, Demebélé or Jadon Sancho see how their line of attack may be weakened in the next market and they have thought of the Blaugrana.

The Catalan club would never disassociate itself from Ansu, but could give it to him to carry out a season being the undisputed starter in a level team playing Champions and Bundesliga. At the moment, the offer is there, but it is very tender.

You must first consult with the player and his environment and see what his intention is and then there is the mystery of seeing what happens to Dembélé. If the Frenchman returns, how he returns and if he could enter into any operation.

In fact, the appearance of Ansu Fati on the football scene was brilliant: youngest scorer in the history of Barça (16 years and 304 days), scoring on August 31 against Osasuna (2-2), the youngest rookie of the Champions (16 years and 312 days) by playing 59 minutes against Borussia in Dortmund (0-0) on September 17, youngest scorer in the history of the Champions (17 years and 40 days) thanks to his goal against Inter in Milan (1-2) on December 10 , the second youngest player to debut in La Liga in the history of the club (16 years and 298 days), only surpassed by Vicente Martínez, who in the 1940s debuted with 16 years, 9 months and 7 days …

However, the return of Leo Messi and Luis Suárez confined the young footballer to a more secondary role. From playing seven games in a row he went on to suck on the bench repeatedly.

His goals and the affection with which the fans welcomed him were of little use to him, dedicating cheers for him every time he jumped to the Camp Nou, chanting his name repeatedly, only being surpassed by Leo Messi. In addition, chronic problems with the patellar tendon in his right leg, being still in the growth phase, prevented him from maintaining regularity.

Despite everything, with Valverde he came to play 14 of 26 possible matches, accounting for a total of 424 minutes (333 in LaLiga, 89 in Champions and 2 in the Spanish Super Cup) and 3 goals.

His appearance was of such depth, that Fati directly skipped the step of playing in the subsidiary, and his name even appeared on the list of possible candidates to be part of the list for the European Championship in the face of the absolute selection.

With the arrival of Quique Setién, everything indicated that there would be a rebound in his game , further supported by the needs of the team, especially after the confirmation of the long-term injury of Luis Suárez and the subsequent of Ousmane Dembélé.

In fact, he started out in a brilliant way with the Cantabrian coach, playing the starter in the first five games (Granada, Ibiza, Valencia, Leganés, Levante and Athletic). But after the game against Getafe (2-1) on February 15, his appearances have been reduced alarmingly: in the last month he had only played 17 minutes: Eibar (0), Naples (3), Real Madrid (9 ) and Real Sociedad (5).

A situation that has now been aggravated for Fati because of the break due to the coronavirus crisis, since the lack of continuity in the game will add the time he is in confinement, which could be extended by a month and a half. We would be talking about forty-three months with a baggage of 17 minutes, without a doubt a hard blow to his progression, in every way.

In addition, the return of Luis Suárez, which could be available at the end of April, invites us to think that he will have, if possible, less prominence between now and the end of the season. It is clear that the Fati pump has a timer.

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