Barca Now Negotiating Lautaro’s Move

Lautaro Martinez could leave Inter next summer. He could end up in Spain. The Italian press say that Barcelona have got down to working on signing the Inter striker.

Of all the teams who are following Lautaro Martinez, his favourite is apparently Barcelona. And Barca have got in contact with Inter to talk about a possible move, ‘Sky Sport’ says.

According to the cited source, the negotiations between Inter and Barcelona have now started. Barcelona are determined to tie up Lautaro Martinez whatever it costs.

This media outlet says that if Barca have now made a move, it is to prevent that other European clubs beat him to it. They want Lautaro as Luis Suarez’s replacement.

Barca are apparently even willing to pay the 111 million euros in the buyout clause with the aim of sealing his transfer now.

Barca have been following Lautaro Martinez for a while now. The ’10’ has ended up persuading the club and they have now started to work on making his move a reality.

‘Tuttosport’, also say that negotiations between Barca and Inter have begun. According to this media outlet, Inter have asked for Griezmann in return. This is not very likely. Griezmann arrived at the Camp Nou last summer and he is one of Barca’s indispensable players.

In any case, in Italy they are clear Lautaro Martinez’s time at Inter is amost up. The club have even looked for a substitute: they want Aubameyang.

We will see whether, as the Italian press reports, Barca decide to make that big offer for 111 million euros to assure the signing of Lautaro. Real Madrid are the other big candidates to get the player.

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