Barcelona Want Their Players To Take Another Pay Cut

Barcelona Want Their Players To Take Another Pay Cut

President Joan Laporta and all the big wigs are working to try and balance the books. Barca are currently in the red and they have asked the players to take another pay cut. Some of the footballers are not keen to see their wages cut again.


Joan Laporta’s appointment at Barca was welcomed by many, but Barca are still in financial difficulties. The club are going through a difficult period and the board are working to reduce that.

Laporta had revealed that the financial inspection he had asked for has revealed “worrying and surprising things,” but that “they all have a solution.” In any case, the club’s employees will have to tighten their belts.


The first team squad need to take a pay cut as they are now in debt by 1.2 billion euros.

However, ‘Marca’ reveals that there are players who are reluctant to taking another cut. They believe they should not be the only ones who have to suffer as a result of expensive signings by the previous board on footballers who hardly played.

The squad understand they must be responsible and committed to help Barcelona get out of a sticky situation, but they do not want to see their salaries touched again.

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