BREAKING: Copa América Also Delayed Until 2021

After the postponement of the European Championship to the European summer of 2021 was leaked, CONMEBOL made the same decision with the Copa América.

CONMEBOL announced that it is postponing the Copa America to 2021. Although it had been said that Argentina and Colombia had a lot to say in this decision, the South American body was consistent and decided that the competition would also be held in 2021.

It all started with the leakage from the UEFA video conference meeting with the other federations. Norway confirmed that the European Championship had been postponed until 2021 and also gave dates for the tournament: 11 June to 11 July.

A few hours later, CONMEBOL decided to do the same and also postponed the Copa America until 2021. While the postponement of the European Championship will bring about a historic change in Europe, as the competition has never been held in an odd year, the Copa America is more accustomed to such changes. The last edition took place in 2019, so this year was to be the second consecutive one.

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The postponement also responds to the South American body’s desire not to interrupt European clubs in their quest to finish the league championships, and gives rise to the possibility of finishing the leagues normally in South America as well.

Therefore, like the Euros, the Copa América will be held on the same dates, from 11 June to 11 July. But of course, that will now be in 2021.

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