Company Pneumagen Nasal Spray Would Prevent The Virus From Reaching The Lungs

The Scottish company Pneumagen claims that its drug is capable of inhibiting and treating the coronavirus by applying it “every other day or once a week”.

Scientists at the start-up company Pneumagen, from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, believe that a nasal spray they are currently developing, the antiviral Neumifil, can prevent the coronavirus from reaching the lungs, if taken “once a the week or every other day. ”

The spray is already in development for the universal treatment of respiratory tract infections, including the influenza virus. “Conventional antivirals actually attack part of the virus’s machinery, while our medication prevents the virus from entering cells,” Gary Taylor, principal investigator and professor of biology at St Andrews University , tells the Daily Mail. “We plan to administer it as a nasal spray, once a week or every other day,” he adds.

The nasal spray would act by masking the glucan receptors in the respiratory tract and thus preventing the virus from entering the lungs. Douglas Tomson, CEO of Pneumagen, stated that “the positive results of studies against coronavirus show that glucan binding has the potential to prevent and treat infection . ” “Our goal now is to quickly start clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19,” added Douglas.

Clinical trials can take several months until the health authorities approve the widespread use of the drug, but it is certainly another firm hope in the fight against the coronavirus.

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