Danish Cup Final Was Stopped As The Fans Did Not Respect Social Distancing

The final of the Danish Cup was stopped for 14 minutes after Aalborg’s ultras refused to respect social distancing. Some even preferred to leave the stadium rather than follow the rules.

Bad news for Danish football. The referee of the Danish Cup final had to stop the game for 14 minutes when some of the supporters refused to follow social distancing rules.

It happened in the first half when the Aalborg ultras did not respect the safety distance of two metres.

Despite warnings from the referees and the requests from members of both clubsm some were a metre apart, but others refused to stay apart and they had to be ejected from the stadium.

One of the Danish politicians, who was in the stadium, was quite surprised by the behaviour of some of these fans as some preferred to leave rather than obey the rules.

10% of the ground was open to spectators so there were around 1250 fans at the stadium and Danish clubs could have a certain number of fans providing all the safety protocols were stuck to.

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