Fern Britton Is To Host A New A Two-Part Series For Channel 5 Called ‘My Cornwall With Fern Britton’

Fern Britton Is To Host A New A Two-Part Series For Channel 5 Called ‘My Cornwall With Fern Britton’

The 63-year-old former ‘This Morning’ host will present ‘My Cornwall with Fern Britton’ a two-part series for Channel 5.

A source told the Daily Star: “Fern’s lifelong connection with Cornwall spans childhood holidays to working and living in the region.

“Now it’s time for her to learn more about the county that has captured her imagination.

“She will look beyond the bucket-and-spade beaches of Cornwall and will explore a place that has its own language, heritage and customs built on ancient myths and legends and its significant industrial heritage.”

Channel 5 bosses have also commissioned another programme on the region, ‘Cornwall: A Year By The Sea’.

The four-part series will focus on the festivals and regattas taking place over 12 months.

Presenter turned novelist Fern has set all of her books in Cornwall, a place she now calls home after moving back to the county where she bought her first house just over 40 years ago.

She previously explained why Cornwall means so special to her.

Fern told Cornwall Live: “I’ve always been coming to Cornwall since I was a baby and I’ve always loved it.

“In 1980 I got a job here for Westward Television, so I bought my first house and lived down here properly for five years. Then life took me off to London.

“When I was about two we’d arrive and fall out of the car after a 24-hour trip or something, no motorways; I’d be let out of the car while all the adults were unpacking in the little cottage we rented.

“I would be down on the beach, feeling the cold sand on my feet after a warm day and you could smell the sea; the magic of tomorrow the sun’s out and I’m going to be on this beach.

“I still have that feeling – the smell of it as you cross the border, I open the car window and breathe in deeply.”

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