First Case Of Coronavirus In A Footballer

The newspaper ‘La Nazione’ assures that a player from Serie C in Italy has the coronavirus. If it is confirmed by the health authorities, it would be the first case of the virus in a professional footballer.

The Coronavirus is provoking a health alert all over the world and a lot of speculation on social media. The virus, which is quite similar to the common flu and only endangers lives- like the common flu- of older people or people with previous illnesses, is becoming very widespread.

The first case in a footballer could be in Serie C. The newspaper ‘La Nazione’, who decided not to name the player, assured that he already missed his side’s last match due to the disease. He had symptoms of fever and general malaise before the match.

According to this source, the club medics were the ones that performed the coronavirus test on the player, who tested positive. Then he was taken to a hospital for infectious disease in Scotte di Siena. He is expected to make a smooth recovery.

You have to take into account that this virus has a mortality rate of 0.2% amongst 10-39-year-olds. Although it is still unknown who the player is, it is more likely that he falls into this age category and, unless he has had previous illnesses that can complicate the matter, we will overcome it like the common flu.

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