Florida Man Warns Against Stimulus Check Scam After Receiving Fake Payment In The Mail

#Roommates, we know many of you are anticipating receiving your upcoming stimulus check to help financially support those who are out of work or working with reduced hours but a recent incident suggests you beware. A Florida man is now warning Americans to be on high alert after he was the victim of a stimulus check scam and received a fake payment in the mail.

@FOX5Atlanta reports, Thomas Andrews from Florida says he received a fake coronavirus relief check in the mail and is warning other Americans to be aware because they could be next. Since the stimulus checks won’t be mailed out for a few weeks, Andrews was immediately suspicious. He said the outside of the envelope containing the fake check read “Time-Sensitive Fast-Tracked Open Immediately” followed by “Important COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Document Enclosed.”

Andrews said what added to further suspicion was that there was no company name listed on the fraudulent check and also no phone number. Upon further investigation, it appears that the fake check is an attempt at a car dealership trying to lure people into its business.

Andrews explained the puzzling situation, stating:

“The check paper itself is really misleading. Even on the back looking like you just sign the back like any real check. Many people, especially the elderly, won’t read/understand this and will be driving there thinking they will be getting relief money only to be harassed by a car salesman.”

As we previously reported, Trump recently signed a $2 trillion stimulus package that will provide money to Americans to ease the financial burden caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Roommates, what are your thoughts on this? 

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