Former Argentina Manager Differentiate Between Maradona And Messi

Football in Argentina is divided between Maradona’s supporters and Messi’s. Alfio Basile, who was the Argentina manager, chose to differentiate them and not to compare them.

Argentina have given 2 of the best players in the history of football. Maradona and Messi have been compared since the latter started to stand out.

Basile, who managed Messi at Argentina, spoke about the dilemma of Argentinean football. “You must differentiate between Maradona and Messi and not compare them. They’re both aliens”, he said on ‘Radio La Red’.

“Messi made his entire career at Barcelona, unlike the greatest of them all, Maradona, and he plays all over the field and still scored about 700 goals”, he added.

Basile put Messi and Maradona at the top. “Together with Pelé they are the three greatest I have ever known. I coached two of them, and the other one I played against,” the former national manager praised.

Messi and Maradona raise passions wherever they go, especially in Argentina. Basile has preferred to be a diplomat and has not chosen any of the two.

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