Former Barcelona Player Says The Line Between Crisis And Success At Barça Is Very Thin

The former Barcelona player Sylvinho talked with ‘AS’ about his beginnings as a coach and also took time to talk about Barcelona’s ongoing issues, warning that going from success to failure is easy for the Catalans.

After a frustrated experience as the first coach of Olympique Lyon, Sylvinho is hoping for a new opportunity in Europe.

The former player spoke to ‘AS’ about his new life as a coach and asked the obvious question about the crisis Barcelona have experienced institutionally this season.

“There is a very fine line between crisis and success at a club like Barcelona. The potential of that club, of its squad, of the greatness it has, means that you can go from a period of crisis to a historic achievement practically in the blink of an eye,” warned Sylvinho.

“I’ve experienced just that. In my fourth year, we had a results crisis. Then Guardiola came along and in 2009 we won the treble. Barcelona have the potential for that,” he insisted.

Sylvinho became the first Brazilian coach in a major league since Leonardo in 2019, but things did not go well. The former player revealed that, thanks to his great relationship with Mancini at Manchester City, he began to realise that he might like to become coach.

“Roberto Mancini saw me as a reliable player and we talked a lot about the team. It was a natural thing to do,” he explained.

The former full-back then became the Italian’s assistant at Inter and was presented with an opportunity at Lyon that he was unable to take advantage of: “Of course I would have liked to have played more than 11 games. We had four or five games that we lost by conceding goals in the last few minutes. I’m still pretty calm and confident in my ability.”

After the bad luck, Sylvinho hopes to enjoy a new challenge in Europe and warned that the Brazilian coaches will return more and more to Europe, as they are preparing much more for the change of continent.

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