Frank Ocean Is About To Drop New Music

Fans who ordered “Little Demon” with Skepta on vinyl were informed via e-mail that Frank Ocean would instead be sending them a brand new song.

Ever since the release of Blonde, which has been hailed as one of the defining albums of the last decade, Frank Ocean fans have been kept in the dark regarding the potential of new music.

Last year, the reclusive star re-emerged from the shadows to organize a series of PrEP+ parties in New York City, where he would go on to debut a handful of previously-unheard songs.

The former Odd Future standout released “In My Room” and “DHL” to a worldwide audience, but other songs like “Little Demon” with Skeptaremained unreleased on streaming services.

If you wanted to listen to the track over and over, you could pre-order the vinyl copy on Frank’s official webshop. While that offered an opportunity for stans to get their fix of new music, they’re celebrating an even greater announcement today as it was revealed that, instead of getting “Little Demon,” Ocean would be gifting them with a brand new unreleased record on vinyl.

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