I Was Going To Sign For Madrid And I Ended Up In The Fire Station, English Defender

Paige Williams, English defender, has narrated on the BBC that she got to train in the sports city with Marcelo. “They all made me believe that I would sign.”

Paige Williams , the 25-year-old English defender, has just confirmed in a BBC interview that “she was one step away from signing for Real Madrid.” The former Birmingham City Ladies player has spent in just a few months seeing herself playing in one of the most promising clubs in women’s football working at a fire station.

The reality was that he came to do the tests with the Tacon but finally his transfer could not be carried out because he had no place in the Madrid club squad.

“Everyone made me believe that I would join Real Madrid. One morning I was walking with Marcelo, saying ‘good morning’ on my way to training, sharing the same facilities. But it turned out that one of his players could not be borrowed, which it meant that they couldn’t free up a space for me . Silly little things like that, it was as if everything was keeping me away from football. There were factors that I couldn’t control, in the way I got those contracts, “explained the English footballer.

“Everyone made me believe that I would join Real Madrid. One morning I was walking with Marcelo, saying ‘good morning’”


“I had tests and trained with quite a few teams. I went to Liverpool and spent a lot of their preseason there. I also spent time in Brighton and then ended up in Spain and that was it. I really thought I was going to play for Real Madrid .”

“It was like all the signs were taking me away from football. Last summer it was a crazy moment. It scared me a little bit, thinking that without football, I had absolutely nothing. I had never made a lot of money, so I really didn’t I had savings. I don’t have a home, I don’t have studies. I said ‘what else would it be good for?’ My mother suggested the fire service . ” Williams explained.

“It scared me a little to think that without football, I would have absolutely nothing. My mother suggested the fire service”


“A mistake on the field can lead to a goal. A mistake in my new team, it’s lives . I know I have to be the best version of myself every day to help keep Merseyside safe, and that excites me. love my job, “he said.

Paige Williams had spent her entire life dedicating herself to soccer 100%. He went through all the lower categories of the English team. Along with stars like Nikita Paris and Beth Mead, she reached the final of the European Under-19 Championship in 2013.

She played in clubs such as Everton, Brescia (she won a Serie A and an Italian Cup), Verona and Birminghan City. Last summer, her career went completely to nothing in a second. Football is gone …

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