Hippo Campus Are Back With News Of Their Third Album LP3, And Have Unveiled “Boys” As The First Taster Of The Record

“Boys” is the group’s first new release since August’s Good Dog, Bad Dream EP, and accompanies news of Hippo Campus’ LP3 album.

Frontman Jake Luppen says of the new outing, “It was about this party I went to where I had all these crazy experiences and then woke up feeling like, “I need to change my life right now”, the next day I went to New York and came back, hung out with our new manager, and felt slightly better. It’s like that feeling when you’re drunk and then you wake up hungover and you hate yourself.”

Luppen adds, “It’s also about exploring sexuality, and the elusiveness of it. I’ve always felt that sexual preference is something that exists beyond the binary. At different points in your life, you feel different ways, and that’s ok. In this track, we’re kind of comparing that journey to our first trips to NY. It’s this huge place that is always moving past us while we’re trying to grab a hold of it.”

LP3 will follow Hippo Campus’ 2018 second album Bambi.


  1. 2 Young 2 Die
  2. Blew Its
  3. Ashtray
  4. Bang Bang
  5. Semi-Pro
  6. Ride Or Die
  7. Scorpio
  8. Listerine
  9. Boys
  10. Understand

“Boys” is out now. Hippo Campus’ LP3 album will arrive 4 February 2022 via Grand Jury, and is available to pre-order now.