Jamie Foxx Is Focusing On The Mental Health Struggles Suffered By Mike Tyson

The Oscar-winning actor has already begun to transform his body to match the ex boxer’s physique, but Foxx’s former trainer-turned-stylist Jack Manson told Britain’s The Sun newspaper the journey is as much about his mental state as it is his physical strength.

Manson insisted his pal has what it takes to deliver a standout performance, and said the 52-year-old will need to go “into a dark hole” to successfully portray Tyson’s sometimes fragile emotional state.

“Will he train, will he be ready for this role? He definitely will be. But I think the story is bigger than just boxing,” he explained. “I don’t think it’s centred around Jamie getting in shape to play this boxer, I think the story is more… Who is Mike Tyson? What is his journey?

“It’ll be good, but I think people will have to be patient and let the process happen.”

Foxx was initially attached to the movie back in 2014, and when asked why the film took so long to come into fruition, Manson revealed the team struggled to find “the right script,” which would, “tell Mike’s story from a place he is now and go back… Mike is a very complex individual”.

“He needed someone to tell the story without just focusing on all the bad s**t that went on, humanise him,” he added. “Jamie wants to do it justice, and he also doesn’t want to demonise him either, in a way that makes him look like an imbecile.”

Tyson has experienced his share of controversies, including being convicted of raping an 18-year-old former Miss Black America contestant in 1992, public battles with depression, and drug and alcohol addiction.


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