Jay-Z And Beyoncé Surprised Londoners By Making An Unannounced Appearance At The Premiere Of Black Western, The Harder They Fall

Bey took to her Instagram to share a series of photos of her and hubby Jay-Z loved up in the car on the way to the event and the red carpet.


The superstar singer looked stunning in a full-length black velvet strapless gown, honey-colored tousled curls tumbling down her shoulders, her husband in a classic back tuxedo by her side.

“The Harder They Fall” stars Idris Elba and Regina King and tells the story of real-life figures from American History, including Black cowboys.

Speaking at the premiere at the “BFI London Film Festival” yesterday (October 6) Jay-Z, the movie’s producer, spoke about the need to “see us represented.”

“It is almost odd, people think that it’s like a caricature, that they are playing roles, but they’re not playing roles.




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“These names like Stagecoach Mary, all the actors in this, they really existed in this time, so just see us represented and see that we have voices.”

British actor Idris Elba expressed similar sentiments. He explained to the PA news agency: “It’s really interesting that these characters really existed one time. No one ever knows about them.

“Any western fan would be like ‘Really? I never heard of Rufus Buck’ but he was a real guy so it’s very special.”