Jesy Nelson Has Officially Dropped Her Debut Solo Single ‘Boyz’, Featuring Nicki Minaj

To celebrate the release of the hugely-anticipated new single, Jesy, who made the tough decision to quit Little Mix in December 2020, joined Harriet Rose on KISS Breakfast for a chat, where she certainly didn’t hold back


Speaking about going solo, 30-year-old Jesy explained: “I actually haven’t taken it in, I don’t actually think it’s sunk in yet for me, so I still feel like I’m in like a bit of a bubble right now. But I’m so excited.”

Not only does Jesy’s new single feature Nicki, ‘Boyz’ also samples P Diddy’s track ‘Bad Boy For Life’, making it an outright certified BANGER. 🔥

Jesy opened up about the inspiration for the new track, saying: “They always say you write the best songs from heartbreak and it’s so bloody true, I’ve experienced it now. This is the first time I’ve ever been heartbroken in my whole life and I have wrote some bangers from it, so, thanks mate!”


Following a tough few months in 2020, Jesy confessed she now feels like a different person, something which has come from writing her own music and being creative.

Speaking about her love for love itself, the former X Factor winner told Harriet: “I just love love. I fall in love very quickly and then fall out of it very quickly. So, this is the longest I’ve been single and I love it.

“It’s nice, I’m just learning to properly love myself, I don’t need a man, like I really don’t.”

Identifying the ways she’s ‘loving herself’, Jesy added: “I think it is doing the things that you love, genuinely. For me, being around the people I love, my friends and family, creating music, just having days where I do things that I really really enjoy.

“Also, complimenting myself a little bit more. I think we find it so easy to put ourselves down. We are so quick as humans to say what we hate about ourselves, and we never really say what we love about ourselves.

“If we were to do that more, we’d be way more confident in ourselves and that’s how it should be.”