Juventus Are Sure That Erling Haaland Is Going To Be Their Player

Juventus Are Sure That Erling Haaland Is Going To Be Their Player

Aware that it cannot happen this summer, they are waiting until 2022 for him to become Cristiano Ronaldo’s substitute.


Erling Haaland and Cristiano Ronaldo could cross paths at Juventus’ door. The ‘Bianconero’ side are clear that they want to get the Norwegian striker, one of the biggest names on the market. Borussia Dortmund, his current club, has said over and over again that the striker will not leave them this summer, despite the desires of teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester United and Chelsea.

That is why Juventus are looking directly at the summer of 2022. ‘La Repubblica’ reported that the roadmap to follow for the ‘Bianconero’ is to wait a year to be able to sign him the following year. All this with the thought that Haaland will end up replacing Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player’s contract expires in 2022 and he has no intention of renewing it.

Cristiano Juventus

Despite reports that the Portuguese could leave even this summer, in Turin they are calm, as they are sure that Cristiano will be the star again for another year. However, they don’t see him staying for more than one more season. This is where Haaland’s option emerges. In 2022, Borussia Dortmund already know that they will have to sell him if they want to make a financial profit.

The aforementioned source explained that Juventus will offer up to 75 million euros next year to get the player. This is based on the club’s good relationship with Mino Raiola, the Norwegian’s agent. Thus, if Borussia Dortmund refuse to sell Haaland in 2021, a fierce war will open in 2022 to get one of the best strikers of the present and future of European football.

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