Juventus Have Agreed To Let Cristiano Ronaldo Go To Manchester City

Juventus Have Agreed To Let Cristiano Ronaldo Go To Manchester City

Seeing Cristiano Ronaldo in the same team as Pep Guardiola has gone from being a pipe dream to something very possible. Juventus have given him approval to go to Man City as long as the Italian side’s demands are met.


Cristiano Ronaldo could become one of the two big transfers at the end of the transfer window. The Portuguese, according to the ‘BBC’, has Juventus’ approval to join Man City.  The Portuguese striker has also told Juventus he is leaving the club, according to Fabrizio Romano.

Despite the fact there has been talk in the last few hours of an agreement being reached between Juventus and Man City, the truth is that both clubs have yet to agree on a fee for the footballer.

The Sky Blues want to get Cristiano Ronaldo for free, but Juventus, journalist Fabrizio Romano says, are asking for between 28 and 30 million euros for the Portuguese.

Jorge Mendes, the footballer’s agent, was in Juventus’ offices this Thursday to negotiate his departure. Afterwards, he ended up travelling to Paris and then to Porto.

The Italian side have given Mendes and Cristiano Ronaldo permission for him to leave. However, before then, a certain set of demands laid out by Juventus will have to be met.

There is not long left before the transfer window closes in Europe and time is pressing. Cristiano Ronaldo could become a Man City player even before 31st August especially as he wants to go.