Kym Marsh Looked Effortlessly Stylish As She Left The One Show On Friday, Alongside Her Husband Scott Ratcliffe

Kym Marsh Looked Effortlessly Stylish As She Left The One Show On Friday Alongside Her Husband Scott Ratcliffe

The actress, 45, stunned in a green silk shirt with zebras emblazoned on it, and a pair of casual denim jeans, which clung to her sculpted legs.

She elevated her height with a a pair of nude heels and added several silver necklaces to her ensemble.

She wore her chocolate tresses in neat waves and completed her look with a slick of lipgloss and a fresh red manicure.

She later wrapped up from the cold in a camouflaged jacket with red faux fur lining.

Kym was joined by her husband Scott, who walked hand in hand with her dressed in maroon jumper underneath a black jacket with black jeans.

It comes after Kym revealed that she’ll be stripping off for steamy scenes when she takes on the role of Alex Forrest in the new stage adaptation of the 1987 hit film Fatal Attraction.

Full of nerves for the upcoming scantily clad scenes, Kym told The Sun: ‘Nobody needs to see this body right now.  I’m 45, I’ve had four children and I’ve not had an easy year with my fitness — it had to go on the back burner.’

Kym continued: ‘There is one particularly racy scene, and I must admit that’s a bit daunting. I’ve never had to do intimate scenes like that, so this is all a very new thing for me.

Fancy footwear: She elevated her height with a a pair of nude heels and added several silver necklaces to her ensemble

‘I just need to feel confident doing it, so I’m working hard at the gym to try to get in shape.’

The plot of fatal attraction follows Kym’s character Alex Forrest, originally played by Glenn Close, as she seeks revenge on her married former lover Dan Gallagher.

The Coronation Street star explained that she was nervous for the racier scenes in the film as she’s baring more flesh than she ever has on stage before.

Kym admitted that the scenes had been playing on her mind and that she would be working hard in the gym before stripping off on stage.

Thanks to Covid, anxiety, stress, and a hernia, Kym revealed exercise took a backseat in her life recently.

However, she has now hired a personal trainer to help her feel confident as she takes on the intimidating role.

Kym, who is mum to David, 26, Emilie, 24 and Polly, 10, gushed that mums should be proud of their postpartum figures

However, she admitted that her stomach had been a grey area for her since she welcomed her children.

The star revealed Scott is comfortable with her sharing the racy scenes with her former Coronation Street co-star Oliver Farnworth.

She explained Scott feels safe in their relationship so he’s supportive of her work and focuses on making her feel confident.

Eight-time Oscar nominee Glenn  famously played the disturbed publishing company editor opposite Michael Douglas’ Manhattan attorney Dan Gallagher in Fatal Attraction.

The critically-acclaimed erotic psychological thriller amassed $320.1M at the global box office (from a $14M budget) as well as six Oscar nominations, including best picture.

‘I did take that script to two different psychiatrists, and neither of them – back then – even brought up the point that maybe she had mental health issues,’ the 74-year-old acting icon told CNN a week ago.

‘Nobody did. And it is amazing because now it would be the first thing I think that people would talk about, and that’s really good. That’s really good. I think the interesting story is to tell her story from her point of view because it wasn’t from her point of view. A lot of her behavior wasn’t explained.’

Glenn – whose sister and nephew suffer from mental illness – said a professor at Harvard Medical School’s McLean Hospital would use Alex as an extreme example of borderline personality disorder.

‘When I first talked about it, I heard from people saying, “You have made all people suffering from borderline personality look like monsters,”‘ the Hillbilly Elegy star recalled.

‘And that’s not the intent here.’

Kym’s nerves about taking on the role come after she was forced to pull out of making a return to hosting the BBC’s Morning Live , as she grappled with effects of her ‘horrendous’ hernia operation.

Speaking to her co-host Gethin Jones, she said: ‘I am really surprised. There was more to it than we originally thought.

‘I am someone who likes to get up and about and do things for myself. It’s really difficult having to sit and do nothing, it’s horrendous.

‘One of the problems of having a hernia is it’s really restrictive and stops you doing exercise you want to do. This is just killing me now. But I am listening to my body, you have to, it’s important.’

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