Lil Wayne Reminisces With Drake About Playing “Lollipop” For Kobe Bryant

Lil Wayne chatted with his old friend Drake on Young Money Radio on Friday, where they reminisced about the night Wayne played “Lollipop” for Kobe Bryant.

The second episode of Lil Wayne’s new Beats 1 show, Young Money Radio, on Apple Music premiered on Friday (May 1st), and along with previously announced guests, Stephen A. Smith and DJ Khaled, Drake also made an virtual appearance. Drake took the opportunity to talk with his old friend about his new mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, which dropped at midnight that same day. One of the songs off the tape, “From Florida With Love,” details a famous incident that took place in 2009, in which Drake was robbed at gunpoint and lost a chain Wayne had gifted him. He had received his new ice one fateful night on Wayne’s tour bus while in the presence of the late Kobe Bryant.

“On the song ‘From Florida With Love,’” Wayne tells Drake on Young Money Radio, “you reminded me of the time that I played ‘Lollipop’ on the tour bus for you and the late, great Kobe Bryant. Rest in peace to the Black Mamba.” Wayne also makes sure to wish the late GiGi Bryant a “Happy Birthday,” as she would have been turning 14 years old on Friday. Drake goes on to describe the surreal experience, remembering that Wayne was in the process of getting a “painful” angel wing tattoo on his side. “I’m already just floored that I’m sitting here talking to Lil Wayne as he’s like bleeding out,” Drake says, “getting this angel wing on his side, and then next thing I know Kobe Bryant walks on the bus, and he came to pick up an iPod. Because, at the time, that’s how we gave the athletes music, was on iPods. And you ran the album, and you played more than one song for sure but, of course, you played ‘Lollipop.’”

“Just to be in that moment, with you and him, it was out-of-body, man,” Drake continues. “It was something I just wanted to write about. Especially now. It hurts me that we’ll all never get to reminisce about that moment. But rest in peace to Kobe and Gigi, of course.” On the track, Drake mentions this exciting night on Wayne’s tour bus before delving into the robbery, rapping, “Weezy played that shit for me and Kobe on the bus/Went and got a chain for me, I had to give it up.”

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