Liverpool Ask Leipzig Player For Patience

Liverpool have apparently already said they are going to sign Timo Werner, ‘Mundo Deportivo’ reports.

However, they have contacted the Leipzig player to ask him to be patient. As a result of the coronavirus crisis, paying the 60 million euros stipulated in his buyout clause will not be as easy as before.

The coronavirus has changed the world. Football, without doubt, has been affected by the pandemic and not only because competitions have been suspended.

The summer will be different. We do not know when the transfer window will reopen, but we can sense that there will not be many massive signings because of the losses causes by COVID-19.

Signings are expected, but the amounts spent will be much less than usual. At Anfield, for example, they will sign Timo Werner. According to ‘Mundo Deportivo’, they have already verbally agreed the deal with the Leipzig footballer.

The Reds are willing to pay the 60 million euros stipulated in his buyout clause. But they have wanted to make it clear to him that he must be patient.

60 million, especially because of the losses clubs will face, is a lot of money. The Premier League outfit have made it clear to him that they want him and that thet will try and pay that amount, but that it is still too early to tell whether they will be able to fork out that amount of money to bring Werner to Liverpool.

There was talk recently of him being offered a five year contract with a salary of 10 million euros a season. Before making a firm offer for him, Liverpool want to make sure they can still afford him.

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