Madlib Talks Working On Album With Pusha-T & Music With Griselda

Madlib is one of the most revered producers in hip hop, and he’s expanding to including what’s expected to be fire collaborations with Pusha-T and Griselda.

Not every artist will be able to work with Madlib. He’s hailed as one of the most innovative producers in hip hop, a talent that has earned him the title of 2019’s Best Producer Alive by Complex.

There are plenty of people who want to connect with the producer or get on one of his beats—and it isn’t an issue because Madlib just sends over the music. However, in order to work face-to-face with the superproducer, he says there has to be a unique connection.

“Usually, I just send music out. I don’t really get with the artists. So it takes a special person for me to come out the studio,” Madlib told Complex.

His personal and professional relationship with acclaimed rapper Freddie Gibbs has been ongoing since 2011. Their 2019 release Bandana was a heavy contender in hip hop (and beyond) for album of the year.

That may have been a praiseworthy project for fans, but Madlib shared that he has a few more collaborations on standby that will blow minds.

“I’m trying to do that album with Pusha-T,” Madlib stated, adding that they’re in the beginning stages of sending each other music. “I’m also working with the Griselda crew.

All three of them are real dope. They’re bringing back that real New York sh*t.” He also talked about “No More Parties in L.A.” with Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, adding that those two artists worked on a half-an-hour of music together.

“They did like 30 minutes of stuff, just going back and forth, going crazy. I heard it. Somebody played it on the phone, but I haven’t actually—,” Madlib said before being interrupted with a question about his desire to hear the songs. “Yeah.

They were going off, too, man. Because I do my beat tapes like one-minute beats, and they were just, one minute on that one, that one, that one. It was crazy.”

If you’re waiting to hear those 30 one-minute tracks, don’t hold your breath. Madlib said he wouldn’t have a problem if Kanye wanted to release the songs, but he’s adamant that it will never happen. “Same with Mac Miller,” he added.

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