Mclaren Deny Any Accuracy In The Claim That They Have Been Taken Over By Audi

The article states, “The change of ownership should secure the future of McLaren, which has been operating under heavy financial pressures despite an injection of the capital late last year following a refinancing worth up to £500 million.

“It is unclear whether the latest development is linked to the recent departure of McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt, who stepped down from his role after eight years last month.

“McLaren stated there has been no change at a management level, while an Audi spokesperson had no official comment to add at this stage.”

McLaren released a statement since, claiming that the statement is “wholly inaccurate.”

The McLaren statement read, “McLaren Group is aware of a news media report stating it has been sold to Audi. This is wholly inaccurate and McLaren is seeking to have the story removed.

“McLaren’s technology strategy has always involved ongoing discussions and collaboration with relevant partners and suppliers, including other carmakers, however, there has been no change in the ownership structure of the McLaren Group.”

McLaren had faced much speculation of reaching a dire financial situation, largely due to the heavy impact of COVID-19.

McLaren wasn’t the only motor company struggling but a solution did present itself for them with 760 million dollars coming in from investors including Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.

Audi also responded to the statement saying, “As part of our strategic considerations, we are constantly looking at various cooperation ideas.”