Menorca also chooses to host the improvised final of the ACB

One of the Balearic Islands enters the bid to be the venue chosen by the ACB for its final phase, in case it can be disputed.

After others such as Valencia, Gran Canaria or Andorra , comes the offer of Menorca to host the final phase proposed in the ACB Assembly to finish the Endesa League.

The difficulties due to the coronavirus are great and the League seeks to carry out this improvised tournament in a single venue and thus be able to crown a champion, and for this the Balearic Islands have also shown themselves as an alternative thanks to Menorca.

Through the Menorca Basketball, which is located in the LEB Plata this season ( although the island has enjoyed having a team in the highest category for several years ), this request has been raised to the ACB to transmit the interest in hosting the tournament .

“The proposal of the entity chaired by Oriol Segura, which has the backing of local institutions, has been transmitted to the ACB by the Bàsquet Federation of the Balearic Islands, through its president Juanjo Talens.

The club observes that the Isla, today, is advancing towards a phase of the de-escalation of the COVID-19 crisis that would make it feasible to hold this final tournament, in a single venue and as a concentration, behind closed doors and with all health guarantees.

club values ​​that the assumption of this event would help activate the island economy in the different sectors that would be involved in hosting this final phase , ” said the Menorcan club in an official statement on Thursday.

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