Milan Considering Asking Madrid Jovic On Loan

Various Italian media have backed up Milan’s interest in signing Jovic. Milan are reportedly weighing up making Real Madrid a formal loan offer for the striker.

Luka Jovic arrived at Real Madrid with a superb reputation. His debut season has been quite bad, but the past and his youth make big teams still have him on their agenda. And that is the case of Milan, according to several Italian media.

In fact, one of the pieces of news of the day in Lombardy was Milan’s intentions to make a formal loan offer for the Serb ahead of next season.

They are far from the first team in the past few months that have considered getting Jovic, as at 22 he still has a big future ahead of him.

The question is the final decision Real Madrid will make with their player. Although in this bad year of his it has been looked on favourably that he continues playing at another big team, now the plan seems to turn more in keeping him next season

He has played 24 matches and scored just 2 goals for Real Madrid so far, where he hasn’t enjoyed much confidence from Zinedine Zidane.

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