Ndidi Keep Away From Atlético Move

Wilfred Ndidi was the chosen one by Atlético Madrid in the hypothetical case that Thomas Partey left them in the next transfer window, but the Nigerian doesn’t even seem to have the slightest intention to leave the Foxes.

Ndidi started to be linked as the hypothetical replacement for Thomas, in case the Ghanaian leaves the club in the summer. But that possibility has encountered a problem, the Nigerian is not interested in leaving Leicester.

Ndidi has assured that he is very happy at Leicester, slamming the door to a possible exit from the club. “We’re doing well and I enjoy it here. I still have a contract with Leicester”, he explained to ‘ESPN’.

“I’m learning and trying to improve every day and I’m fine here, so there’s no need to go anywhere,” he added, aware that his name has been linked to strengthen half the  Premier League, as well as Atleti.

His contract runs until 2024, and he is key at Leicester. At 23, he has played 130 matches for the Foxes, being practically undisputed since his arrival in January 2017.

Compared to Thomas, he is a similar player, although somewhat more defensive than the Ghanaian. His market value is around 50 million euros, the same as Thomas’ release clause, an amount that Atleti want to double with a leak-proof renewal.

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