Nicklas Bentdner Revealed How He Made Steve Bruce Laugh During A Dressing Down

The former Arsenal striker lifted the lid on his lifestyle while as a player in English football.

The 32-year-old joined Tuesday’s talkSPORT Breakfast discussing some of the crazy stories in his new book Both Sides.

Bendtner was on loan with Bruce at Birmingham from the Gunners at the time and his partying was a cause for concern for the manager.

talkSPORT host Laura Woods said: “Steve Bruce asked you about going to lap dancing clubs five times a week, what did he say?”

Bendtner replied: “It wasn’t just lap dancing clubs five times a week. It wasn’t like I was addicted to lap dancing clubs, let’s get that straight! It was just going out in general.

Bendtner joined talkSPORT on Tuesday to speak about his new book

“I had an injury. I had such huge respect for Steve. People I really respect I cannot lie to. I have to be completely honest.

“He called me in fuming. He was really upset. When he was explaining ‘you’ve been out four times this week’. I was like ‘I’m really sorry, Steve, it was five’.

“He didn’t really know how to react. He was so mad but couldn’t stop doing a giggle to himself.”

Bendtner also had problems with gambling and would lose hundreds of thousands of pounds at a time.

The striker said he was chasing ‘the kick’ that you would get from playing in front of a huge crowd.

Nicklas Bendtner on his bad relationship with Emmanuel Adebayor and their public bust-up in the North London derby

When asked about losing £400,000 in one go at a casino, Bendtner said: “It was quite quick, within an hour or so. I don’t know if you’ve ever played roulette but it can go quite quick.

“If you don’t hit your numbers then it goes quickly.

“I think it comes down to many players find it difficult, me too, to get that kick you get from walking out on the pitch in front of 60,000 people who watch every move. Being in that tunnel with 22 people.

Nicklas Bendtner scored 13 goals for Birmingham while on loan

“That’s sort of where my gambling started. I couldn’t find that kick I needed in my life on the pitch.

“We speak about when I was £400,000 down and then got it back to £20,000. It was a reality check for me. At that moment, I’d lost a lot of my money. I didn’t want to just be another guy in debt and couldn’t get out of it.

“It was actually a good thing because it was a real wake up call for me.”

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