One Of Mou’s Goals Retires At 24

Tottenham was interested in signing him in the last moments of this winter market. Now hang the gloves affected by the pressure.

At just 24 years old, Ted Smith is already a former player. The former Southend goalkeeper, currently in League One, has decided to hang up his gloves without any injury that prevents him from continuing to play. Or maybe yes.

The Englishman, he assures in an interview on Telegraph, has stopped enjoying soccer and games with his team. The pressure and comments hurt him and he’s decided it’s over.

“It wasn’t me. I didn’t enjoy it. I love the game and the training but the pressure of the game was beyond me. It has been a long time to assess and make the decision. In your head you know that you are going to tell people that you are leaving a job which is everyone’s dream. I suppose it is the most difficult “, he assures in the interview.

Ted had come into professional soccer and was close to making the big leap to a great club. Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham valued his signing on the last day of the winter market to reinforce the goal but it did not end up happening. A move that, perhaps, would have prevented withdrawal.

of the main reasons that led him to make this decision were the comments on networks and his fear of jumping into the field. “You should enjoy the games and I tried it.

I tried many times but I couldn’t. I have been afraid to play a game for a long time and I can’t turn it off. After the games I looked at social networks and saw what people were saying.

The 90s by the way of the times there was nothing but I always saw two or three negative comments after a bad game and I stayed with them. ” affirmed Telegraph.

Ted Smith has publicly valued, made and counted this decision. This ‘last’ exhibition before the general public to tell about their experience hopes it will serve others. “Surely there are more people in this situation. I don’t know how many. I hope that what I say can help other people to see that there is more to life than going through the stress of a soccer game,” he said.

In his brief career, Ted Smith played 32 professional matches, all wearing the Southend shirt, in which he scored 8 goals to nil.

His good performance made him go summoned with all the lower categories of the selection playing in the sub18, sub19 and sub20.

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