Players Could Be Booked A Yellow Card For Spitting On The Pitch

The coronavirus pandemic is also changing the rules of football. FIFA is considering the possibility of punishing any player who spits on the pitch with a yellow card, as this could lead to the spread of the coronavirus.

FIFA’s chief medical officer, Belgian doctor Michel D’Hooghe, has proposed a curious change in the rules of football to prevent possible coronavirus infection during matches.

The organisation’s doctor proposes that footballers who spit on the pitch should be punished with a yellow card, as this is a risk of catching the coronavirus and “is by no means an aseptic action”.

“If spitting wasn’t hygienic before the pandemic, it’s much less so now because it’s potentially dangerous to the health of others,” D’Hooghe said in a statement published by The Daily Telegraph.

The sight of a player spitting on the pitch is one of the most common images of any match, but from now on it could become punishable if the International Board adds it to the list of prohibited actions during a match.

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