Premier League Managers Ask To Play At Neutral Venue

The Premier League Managers Association is clear that, if the competition returns, all matches still to be played should be played at a neutral venue.

It isn’t known what will happen with the Premier League. The idea is for it to return, but there’s still nothing official.

The League Managers Association thinks the only option is for the rest of the season to be played at a neutral venue. For that to happen, clubs must agree.

According to the ‘BBC’, out of the 20 teams that make up the Premier League, 14 of them need to say yes for this measure to be adopted.

Richard Bevan, LMA director, thinks it’s the only possible option for the return of the Premier League.

“The government, if it has not already done so, will make it clear that home matches with densely populated stadiums really do question whether the rules of social distancing can be enforced”, he told the ‘BBC’.

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