R&B Artist Emani Has Reportedly Died At The Age Of 22

Claims that the R&B artist, whose full name is Emani Johnson, has died first began to circulate on Monday evening. However, her death is yet to be confirmed by her team or family members.


A close friend, who goes by alannatheballer on Instagram, shared the news on Instagram as she posted a gushin tribute.

‘my heart hurts so bad. i love you so much emani. i’m so sorry this happened to you. you didn’t deserve this at all! you were such a light to so many of us,’ she wrote alongside a gallery of images. ‘thank you for always being so loving and kind to me. you always went above and beyond for me and always looked out for me. i love how bold you were and were never scared to tell me how you feel. i’m so happy we reconnected last year.’

She reflected on their friendship as she added: ‘she would sing to me in class and i always knew she would blow up because of how beautiful and good her voice was. she even wrote me a song last year and it meant the world to me.

‘thank you so much for always making me smile. thank you for always uplifting me and supporting me. seriously so proud of how far you have come in your life and music career.’



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Rapper Bhad Bhabie was one of many who took to Instagram to share their reaction to the news as she wrote: ‘I don’t even know what to say…This doesn’t even feel real. I used to spend almost everyday with you.

‘You taught me so many things. You are my inspiration for many things (hair,nails, style, etc) my big sister I’m gonna miss you so much.’

She also posted photographs of the star with her dog and added: ‘Chuppas favorite auntie.’

The artist, known as Lonebrain on Instagram, amassed 145,000 followers on the social media platform.