Real Madrid Goalkeeper, It Would Be Unfair For Barça To Be Champion, We Were Better

Courtois, Real Madrid goalkeeper, gave an interview to Belgian public television in which he spoke clearly about the possible resolution of the League in Spain, as well as COVID-19

Thibaut Courtois, goalkeeper for Real Madrid and the Belgian national team, gave an interview to Belgian Public Television where he reviewed current issues such as the possible cancellation of the League in Spain and the COVID-19 pandemic:

Current situation : “It seems that we will be examined on Wednesday (in the morning), to know if we have passed COVID-19 or not. And then, in theory, next week we can go individually to Valdebebas, but that does not mean training. That depends on what the club and the government decide. The only thing that is certain this week is that we will be examined. That is sure”.

Concern for COVID-19: “Fear is not the exact word. I continue to visit my children. If I have not yet been infected, I can or can infect other people. There are cases of young and healthy people who have become infected, and of course there is concern. ”

About the League : “We are only two points from Barcelona and we can be champions, so it would be bad luck if the season is canceled. If it were decided in Spain that Barcelona is the champion, it would not seem fair to me. We have tied a game with them and we have won the other. We have proven to be a better team than them.

We are two points behind, but I would not agree with that measure. In the case of Liverpool in England it would be different, I could understand it because I don’t know how many points they get in the second. I would like to end the season. Eleven games left, it is too early to decide the champion ”.

End the season : “I think the season should end, but of course safety comes first. Protective measures must be taken into account and 100% sure before playing again because you can be infected without symptoms. So you have to be careful who you are in contact with. What if there is a player from another computer infected? These are things to consider, but I would love to end the season. “

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