Real Madrid Look At Uruguay Again

He is one of the youngsters controlled by Juni Calafat, who in May 2015 signed Fede Valverde, also from Peñarol. The City loves him, among others.

Real Madrid, through Juni Calafat, points again to Uruguay. There, Facundo Pellistri (18 years old), a footballer who starts from the right, has verticality, driving and impudence as strong points and, despite his tender age, has already seen the ’10’ of the giant of his country.

There has been no negotiation as such, but, according to what AS has learned, he is a player who is monitored by the head of the international football team of the white club and will closely follow him.

This is not an unknown terrain for Calafat, who has gained recognition above all for the control and dominance of the Brazilian market but five years ago, in May 2015, he was one of the great architects of Fede Valverde’s arrival in Madrid.

El Pajarito , a stranger at the time, cost five million euros, a laughable figure considering what he has been showing in Zidane’s midfield.

Competition: Boca, Flamengo, City …

Fede was 16 years old and, like Pellistri now, he was active in Peñarol. The Uruguayan club, faced with the growing interest of half the world for its pearl, renewed it in February until 2022.

For this there was a lot of predisposition for the boy, who, although he dreams of playing in Europe, especially in Spain, wanted to play the Libertadores with his equipment. “He is very young, we are enjoying it,” said Diego Forlán, his coach, recently.

But in Europe they have also taken the registration. In England, Wolverhampton asked about him and this week Manchester City did it through the City Football Group, which is studying the purchase to transfer it and finish it. In Italy he has more girlfriends: Naples, Atalanta and Bologna

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