“Real Madrid Is Missing A Killer”

30 years have passed since Hugo Sánchez’s hat-trick that allowed him to match Telmo Zarra’s legendary goalscoring record in a league (38 goals). Serves AS in full confinement.

The author of the best Chilean that has been seen in Spain (that of Logroñés) is news because today is the 30th anniversary of his hat-trick at Oviedo at the Bernabéu, which allowed him to equal the legendary scoring record of Telmo Zarra in a League (38 targets). Hugo Sánchez remembers it for our readers.

Where are you living in this sad period that we have had to live?

At my house in San Diego, in the United States, with my family. Along with my wife Isabel, who as you already know in her country is from Madrid, and with my daughters, Isabella and Hana. We also have a house in Mexico and before the pandemic we were moving to my country depending on my professional commitments with ESPN, where I am a commentator. But now we are all living another reality and the work is in the background.

I notice you worried.

Not worried, realistic. After the pandemic there will be a before and an after. The economy is going to change, many people are going to suffer and we must reset our scale of values. What before seemed like a minor detail can now be a treasure. The pandemic has opened our eyes to our way of understanding life. You have to reflect on it.

Does this reflection include the possibility of returning to Spain at some point?

Of course. Look, my two daughters are twins and right now they have graduated to go to college. They have not been able to do the ceremony with their colleagues due to the coronavirus, but telematically they made their own celebration. The good thing is that both Isabella and Hana want to make their careers in Madrid. They want to study there. It is your wish. Logically, if a good professional project arose, I would love to be able to continue being close to my daughters.

I see him knocking on Florentino’s door …

He already knows that Madrid is one of my future aspirations and I am truly prepared for such a demanding bench. I feel empowered, apart from my feelings and my knowledge of the club after so many years there. I’m not saying do it now, since Zidane is doing a great job. But let no one forget that I made the Pumas double champion in my country and that with the Mexican team we almost got into the 2007 Copa América final, played in Venezuela. Only Argentina beat us in the semifinals, but we were third after defeating Uruguay in the consolation final. We played very well.

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