Real Madrid Players Future Plans After Retirement

Up to seven players at Real Madrid are 30 or older and who else who least already plans his life after hanging up his boots. Ramos looks like a coach, Marcelo points to an agent …

In Real Madrid there are up to seven players with 30 years or more. They are Ramos, Nacho, Marcelo, Kroos, Modric, Bale and Benzema.

An age in which who else, who least, is already making future plans for when the time comes for withdrawal. Most, as they have confessed on some occasion, want to remain linked to football, although not necessarily on the front line of grass.

This is the case of Marcelo , the last Real Madrid player who has given voice to what is his roadmap for when he hangs up his boots. The Brazilian still has two years of contract (2022) and in his mind he is consuming them, as AS told on April 1, but in his head there is already an idea of ​​what to dedicate himself to after the withdrawal.

He confessed it to Cannavaro, in a live on Instagram. Their paths are directed to the representation of players. “Now I’m going to turn 32. I have a few things in mind. I don’t want to work with soccer directly.

I have no characteristics to be a coach.But I always had one thing on my mind, I have lived many things in Brazil when I was 15 years old. I have seen many soccer agents say to some parents about their children: ‘Come, come, I’m going to give you this and this. And in the end the boy, having a lot of quality, stays on the road because the agent only thought about money.

They’ve left a lot of kids screwed up. Many children have been screwed for wanting money before instead of working the child. He sold a child to another club, earned his money and ciao. I want to work to help these children, I want to work with this first. ”

The idea of ​​Marcelo is as clear as, apparently, that of Sergio Ramos. The Real Madrid captain is 34 years old, ends his contract in 2021 and since the club has not yet called him to renew it. Whether he does it or not, the camero still sees the retreat far away. “I will play until the illusion is put aside but my illusion is very hard. I’ll make the most of soccer as long as I still feel good.

I take good care of myself and I hope to continue well for many years, ”he said in a talk to Iván Zamorano. By the time that illusion leaves him, Ramos already has a path in mind, that of the bench. “I like training, of course.

Tomorrow I do not rule it out, it goes very much with my way of being. Surely it is linked to football and if I can do it as a coach, why not.Mark as a challenge what I have done as a player, even if it is another stage “, confessed the central Universe Valdano.

The same platform (Universo Valdano) used Luka Modric, 34 years old and with one more year of contract at Real Madrid, to put on the table what he plans to do when he hangs up his boots. His plans are not as clear as those of his two captains, although he would like to continue to be linked to soccer: “I don’t know how, but I would like to continue to be united with soccer.

Sometimes when I think about this, I see that coach is not a thing that I like. When I see the headaches that the coaches have with us … At the moment enjoy soccer. My family really likes life in Madrid, we have many friends here, it is a city where we can stay and live. ”

And Kroos ? The German, whose relationship with Madrid ends in 2023 , is only 30 years old, but he does not plan to be on the pitch until he is almost forty. However, his plans are more vague: “When the contract ends I will be 33 years old, a good age to think things through. It will not continue for much longer when that moment arrives. After hanging up his boots, he can still be in Madrid, without a doubt. ”

The only one who seems to focus his future further from the pitch is Bale . The Welshman (30 years old and with a contract until 2022) plans a life aimed at golf (his unbridled passion for this sport is known) and the catering sector. It is going to open its second bar and restaurant, Par 59 and it already has Eleven’s. “I am not going to play football forever, so we are interested in doing this kind of thing,” he said in Wales Online.

In The Telegraph he gave more clues: “I am at a point in my career when I need to think about more things other than football, the retreat will be very long. I had not thought much about it. But I am 30 years old and you have to pay attention to it. I am trying to take care of things, better than just sitting on the sofa. “”I imagine my retirement on a golf course …”, settled.

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