Reasons That Place Mbappé At Madrid

The newspaper ‘AS’ inform of the latest events that bring Kylian Mbappé closer to Real Madrid. They are the coronavirus crisis, the players’ anger towards PSG, the club’s disgust with him and the attraction of Zinedine Zidane.

Mbappé’s signing for Real Madrid is a possibility which has been spoken about for a while. The newspaper ‘AS’ reports that the latest developments in the sphere of the Spanish side and PSG may bring the transfer closer than ever before.

First, because of the coronavirus crisis. The fact that the French side have to fasten their seatbelts will imply that they will have to keep up with the Real Madrid board headed by Florentin Pérez with regards to what salary they can offer the player. PSG offer less, the forward will not stay.

Second, the crossfire. According to the aforementioned source, Leonardo, the sports director, gave the order that, in case his star doesn’t want to renew, he should be kept in the team until the end of his contract, even if, after that, he has to leave for free.

The other anger is that of Mbappé himself with the board as soon as he heard about this strategy. His career and progression could be jeopardised if he is left out of the game for too long as a kind of punishment. His priority is to continue at the highest level.

Third, Zinedine Zidane. The Real Madrid manager is a compatriot of the player, a reference for French football, and a mirror in which every young French player can look at himself. Working with him can be the icing on the cake of Kylian’s arrival in Spain.

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