Serie A Chiefs To Discuss Cancelling Season On Monday

President of the Italian Footballers’ Association Damiano Tommasi fears the Serie A season could be cancelled due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Italy has been hit hardest in Europe by the virus and on Sunday had over 10,000 confirmed deaths from Covid-19.

Serie A has been suspended since March 9 and sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora revealed last week a blanket ban on all sport could continue until May.

Spadafora’s words have alerted the attention of the Italian FA, who are due to meet on Monday via a conference call when the topic of Serie A being cancelled will be discussed.

“There will be one more element on the table, compared to previous weeks, because after the words of minister Spadafora, there’s concern that the season will end here,” Tommasi told ANSA.

“It’s therefore necessary to tackle the problem of ending the season from a sporting point of view and a contractual one; in short, formally.”

As well as Serie A being cancelled, the issue of players’ wages during this difficult time will also be discussed.

Juventus’ players and manager, Maurizio Sarri, have all agreed to their pay being stopped for four months, meaning the club can save an estimated £80million.

Others are expected to follow suit and Tommasi is keen for all club to reach a unified stance on the matter.

“On cutting wages, we are looking for a common solution if possible,” he added.

“Juve stepped forward, but it did not take us by surprise. We knew everything and we do not feel delegitimised.

“If there are no disputes between clubs and players, we’re not required to intervene. If they’ve found an agreement, that’s fine.”

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