SMACKDOWN: Charlotte Flair Def. Naomi

SmackDown’s Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair came before the WWE Universe and highlighted a number of exciting competitors for the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble Match. She then dropped a bombshell by declaring that she would join the match as a way to pick her own challenger for WrestleMania when she won.

Naomi emerged and proposed that Charlotte didn’t have to wait to name a challenger. Instead, she suggested The Queen defend the title against her right then and there. When Flair refused, Naomi slapped the titleholder and paved the way for a Championship Contenders Match.

Just when it looked as if the subsequent matchup would end in a count-out victory for Naomi, WWE Official Sonya Deville emerged to “clarify” that the match could not be won by count-out. Then, in a critical moment, Deville again “clarified” that the match couldn’t be won by disqualification either, but only by pinfall or submission. Then, when all was said and done, Charlotte emerged victorious over Naomi with Natural Selection.