SMACKDOWN: The Usos Def, New Day In A Smackdown Tag Team Title Street Fight

In a turbulent SmackDown Tag Team Title Street Fight, titleholders Jimmy & Jey Usos and their longstanding rivals King Woods & Sir Kofi Kingston fought tooth and nail, incorporating several weapons throughout the harrowing encounter. In the final moments, The Usos proved they were “The Ones” when they delivered 1D through a table for the victory.

Despite the brutality of the match, nothing raised as many questions as what came after. Prior to the main event, WWE Official Adam Pearce made it clear he had picked Roman Reigns’ opponent for Royal Rumble.

As The Head of the Table was taking in his cousins’ tag team victory, Seth “Freakin” Rollins knocked on the door and began to laugh manically. Does this mean that the Universal Champion’s challenger at the next Premium Live Event will be the Superstar who knows him better than perhaps anyone? Or could the WWE Universe be destined to see Reigns against Brock Lesnar at the Rumble? Or was the emergence of the laughing Raw Superstar completely unrelated, and Reigns’ opponent has yet to be revealed?