Soulja Boy Has Officially Issued An Apology To Live Streaming Platform Twitch

Soulja Boy Has Officially Issued An Apology To Live Streaming Platform Twitch

Soulja Boy is more than a rapper who blew up in the 2000’s; he’s also a multi-platform influencer who loves to stream himself playing video games on Twitch.

However, his broadcasting ground to a sudden halt on December 10 after he was banned. Luckily, his suspension only lasted for five minutes, although he was banned again four hours later — a ban that’s still in place today.

While it’s unclear why Soulja Boy was given the ban hammer, it’s plain to see that he was less than pleased by this turn of events.

Soulja Boy was banned, unbanned, and banned again on Twitch in a matter of hours – with no explanation.

Five days later, he took aim at Twitch, claiming he was going to sue the website and even accusing the platform of racism.

“I can’t believe Twitch can just ban you without any proof or explanation,” he wrote. “This doesn’t feel right. I gotta sue these people.”

I need the best lawyer money can buy dm me I got millions I wanna sue twitch I feel like they racist they ban me without no explanation I will not stand for this

Soulja Boy apologizes to Twitch after unexplained ban

Just two days later, though, it looks like Soulja Boy is walking back his previous claims.

On December 17, the rapper posted a meek and mild update to Twitter, ultimately apologizing for his public outburst against the platform.

“Just spoke with Twitch,” he wrote. “I would like to send an apology to the entire staff and community. It’s their decision. Let’s just see what happens. Thanks for your support.”

Soulja isn’t the only big name taking the website to court; notably, popular streamer Dr Disrespect also claimed that he will be suing Twitch after his infamous and mysterious ban from 2020 — a suspension that also has still gone unexplained.

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