Suárez Speak About His Automatic Renewal Clause In Contract

Luis Suárez isn’t worried about his future. The player is happy at Barcelona, although now he finds himself recovering after going under the knife because of a knee injury.

The Uruguayan confessed to ‘RAC1’ that there is a clause in his contract which means it will automatically renew if he plays 60% of matches.

If it’s up to Luis Suárez, he is clear: he will remain at Barcelona for the longest time possible. The forward has found

“I’m happy here and my family, too. I’m where I’ve always wanted to be and I feel useful. The decision has to come from the club, they know my predisposition. I want to continue, but it’s not up to me…”, he told ‘RAC1’.

Luis Suárez confessed that there is a clause which means that his contract can be extended without needing to reach an agreement with the club: “There’s also the option that next year if I play 60% of the games, I renew”.

Meanwhile, Barcelona are looking for a future replacement for Luis Suárez. One of the latest names on Barca’s radar is the young Martín Satriano, a 19-year-old Uruguayan who plays for Inter under 19s and has a very similar style to his compatriot.

For now, Luis Suárez’s only worry is to recover from his knee problems as soon as possible. Pains have been a nightmare this season. “I played because I was used to doing it in pain… I had problems with my right knee. In the cartilage, I also had a meniscal cyst. This causes you to force other areas of the knee and everything comes together, creating problems,” he said.

“I know I’m criticised because of my operations, but I’m strong amidst those comments and I’m also strong to get back on my feet”, Luis Suárez made clear.

Lastly, he spoke about the ‘Clásico’ against Real Madrid. “If we win, it will be an important blow”, the forward concluded.

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