WWE MONEY IN THE BANK: Big E Won The Money In The Bank Ladder Match

WWE MONEY IN THE BANK: Big E Won The Money In The Bank Ladder Match

After nearly nine years on the WWE roster, Big E has finally secured the one opportunity that has eluded him up to this point: a guaranteed World Title Match.


Big E ensured his fate by overcoming seven of WWEโ€™s premier Superstars in a rough-and-tumble Money in the Bank Ladder Match that left the WWE Universe breathless and the squared circle looking like the scene of a car wreck.

Bell to bell was total carnage, with the momentum changing every second. Big E and Drew McIntyre cleared the ring early, giving themselves enough space to lock horns in a short but spectacular showdown that had the WWE fans wanting more. Nakamura locked John Morrison in a triangle hold atop the ladder, only to be nailed with a springboard knee by Seth Rollins.


The SmackDown Savior swoops in to brutally launch KO through a ladder. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

After initially arguing over drip credentials (a debate that was broken up by Ricochet and Riddleโ€™s high-flying attacks), the sartorial Rollins and Morrison formed a temporary alliance against the rest of the field. Kevin Owens halted those plans by rushing The Savior of SmackDown and JoMo as they held a ladder, sandwiching them beneath the steel.

The eye-popping highlights kept coming. Riddle pushed over the ladder as Ricochet ascended it, but the quick-thinking Ricochet switched gears, leapt onto the top rope and with the grace of a high-wire trapeze artist, somersaulted onto the Superstars on the floor.

The Scottish Warrior, for whom this match represented his last potential chance to challenge WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, devoured the field with Claymore Kicks and appeared on his way to winning the match, only to be denied at the last second by the interfering by Jinder Mahal, Veer and Shanky โ€” payback, no doubt, for McIntyreโ€™s destruction of The Modern Day Maharajaโ€™s motorcycle last Monday on Raw. Mahal battered his former stablemate with a steel chair, leaving Veer and Shanky to drag McIntyre out of the arena.

Paying tribute to tag team partner Randy Orton, Riddle connected with several RKOs. But as Riddle punched the mat to celebrate in Viper-esque fashion, Rollins capitalized with a well-timed Stomp. KO, too, staged a late-game effort to grab the briefcase after dishing out multiple Stunners, but his night was ended moments later when Rollins powerbombed him over the top rope, smashing Owens through a ladder that bridged from the ring apron to the announce desk.

The coast looked to be clear for Rollins to retrieve the briefcase, but he had one more Superstar to account for: Big E. As Rollins neared the prize, The Powerhouse of Positivity reentered the ring, scaled the ladder and brought Rollins down to Earth with a gigantic Big Ending!

With his competition laid out and the WWE Universe cheering him on, Big E climbed the ladder, grabbed the briefcase and savored the career win โ€” a victory that may well carry him to his first World Title victory.

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